Spawnbreezie w/ Lagoon, King D, David Rhythm & the PSU Poly Dance Society

Each VIP ticket purchased gets you early entrance to the event (4pm doors), as well as Roast Pig dinner and a Fai Kava serving, plus general admission to the concert.


Anapogi B. Fau was only one week old when the Fau family moved to Independence, MO. As a young boy, Anapogi grew up listening to his father make music, whether rehearsing in the garage or on stage at performances. Music was just as much an influence to Anapogi as his father was to him. So much in fact that young Anapogi learned to play drums at 4 years old and piano at 5 years old.

Curious and excited about his life’s involvement with music that he entered into talent shows and joined the church band. At 16 years of age he learned to play the guitar and eventually acquired skills of a bassist at 17. Anapogi soon realized that at a young age, music was not only a talent but a passion that now became his life. At 17, Anapogi dropped out of high school and made a commitment to his love and talent to pursue a career of music.

With the combinations of island music, roots reggae, and hip-hop, Spawnbreezie has crafted a new kind of sound. Combining the percussions of hip-hop, the skank of reggae and the vocals of the Island music, he calls it, “Island Hip Hop”. Spawnbreezie has performed for numerous venues: night clubs, parties, weddings, release parties and has done numerous shows to give back to the community.

In 2002, Spawnbreezie and his family, formed a family band called, Le Atalua Breeze Band’. Being a part of the Breeze Band, he thought it was only fair to represent it wherever his music took him. At that time he was going by the stage name of “Spawn” and was in the making of his solo debut album. In 2005, Spawn began his solo career and pursued it with great leaps of faith. In transition of leaving “Le Atalua Breeze Band” into becoming a solo artist, he took the word “Breeze” with him in this new journey and introduced himself as Spawnbreezie. His first project in 2006, with the help of his brothers. He had finished 12 tracks but due to a lack of serious promotion, the album went unnoticed. The wave of the entertainment business shook the new solo artist into spin that changed his perspective in his career. He learned from his mistakes and made another attempt to make a mark in the entertainment industry, Spawnbreezie hit back in 2007 along with the help of his brothers, and released their first band album, “Breezin’ All Nite”.

The sound of Island hip-hop began to grow, gaining recognition from both local radio and fans throughout the city of Independence. With awesome reviews in the local area and great feedback from MySpace listeners, Spawnbreezie is ready to take the world by storm. Having become a YouTube sensation, Spawnbreezie is now considered a main attraction of the international reggae scene and is hugely popular in New Zealand, Australia, and across the South Pacific Islands.

Still fighting the foes of the entertainment business, Spawnbreezie became restless in performing in local functions, wrestling with financial independence and In 2008, Spawnbreezie released his first solo album called “Independent Soldiers.” Singles from the album, “Baby”, “Crazy”, “Breezin” and “Is You” gave him the tools to begin a foundation. With the positive momentum that was started from “Independent Soldier”, Spawnbreezie found the strength to endure the obstacles in the industry and started working on another album.

In 2009, Spawnbreezie released his sophomore album called “Welcome to Zion.” Hits like “Welcome to Zion”, “Like Heaven”, “Body Like”, “Maasoama” and “25 to Life”, started to grab the attention of listeners. In 2010, Spawnbreezie took the time out to make a plan for his next steps. He reflected on the accomplishments that he had and the work that needed to be done for the future.

The release of “Independent Soldiers” allowed Spawnbreezie to introduce himself to the world. And the following album “Welcome to Zion”, allowed Spawnbreezie to gage the influence of listeners. It was clear at that point that Spawnbreezie had an opportunity to voice his music to a forum of listeners. He took advantage of the forum and talked about the trials that he faces as a person and an artist. He expressed his emotions through his music and talked about his life experiences.

With the forum to voice his life experiences in June 2011 he released his 3rd Solo album “Dear Billy”. With the smash hit “Oh My Goodness” and YouTube hit “Don’t Let Go” but those are just some of many fan favorites. This album has allowed Spawnbreezie to enter into new territories in his career. not only is he opening up the eyes of music lovers everywhere, but also their ears and hearts. With upcoming albums he is sure to propel this not only himself into superstardom but also bring much need attention to the whole Island reggae genre and positive music as a whole.

April 23
4pm Doors / 21 and up
Star Theater, Star Theater