GLASYS Rocket-fueled Indie Artist

GLASYS (Gil Assayas) is a pianist, synthesist, producer and vocalist located in Portland, Oregon.

GLASYS delivers impassioned vocals, intricate virtuosic keyboard parts and electronic soundscapes in one package that combines his many influences including Indie Rock, Classical music, Electronic music and Jazz.

In less than a year, GLASYS has turned a lot of heads in the Portland music scene and beyond. GLASYS has been featured on dozens of local radio/tv shows and press publications, was featured and endorsed by Nord Keyboards, and his song ‘The Pressure’ was played at a Portland Trailblazers NBA game. The same song was also selected for local label Tender Loving Empire’s 2016 compilation album, and his debut EP has received glowing reviews in The Portland Mercury, Willamette Week and numerous other publications.

“Assayas’ music is lush electronic beat-jazz of the highest order, a post-modern fusion in which Portland artists like collaborator Coco Columbia are continuously paving new sonic ground.” – Parker Hall, Willamette Week.