Tribe Mars Interplanetary R & B

Tribe Mars is a six piece neo­soul/r&b/hip­hop act based in Portland, OR. Guitar, bass, keyboard, drums, and three different vocalists create this band’s fresh yet slightly nostalgic sound. The culmination of diverse musical backgrounds of all the members has resulted in a unique, raw, old school meets new school, West coast meets East coast vibe that’ll be sure to have you groovin’.

“These guys are the real deal. A true Portland underground gem…the genre­ bending crew blends improvisational music forms such as hip­hop, jazz and soul wonderfully, pulling listeners in with their heartfelt tones, but they describe themselves as ‘a guerrilla faction of freedom fighters combating tyranny and systemic oppression with music and values inherited from wise Martian elders.’ Which – I mean – is also pretty awesome.” ­We Out Here Magazine, 2016. 2017 is poised to be a big year for Tribe Mars, as they prepare to release their first full ­length album in June. Until then, you can catch the Tribe at some of Portland’s premiere venues, bringing their version of jazzy, funky, hip­hop beat driven soul to a stage near you.