JAMESDAVIS is a Los Angeles-based band comprised of fraternal twins Jess & Rey, and their younger brother, Auston. *JAMESDAVIS*‘s *Lamplighter Vol. 1* *EP *arrived last fall to widespread fan enthusiasm and tastemaker acclaim. The lead single *“Speedboat”* generated 1.3 million Spotify streams as *Complex* highlighted how, *“The three singers trade verses over a slow-burning, ethereal beat*.*” * Meanwhile, it graced Spotify’s coveted “The Newness” Playlist, while Ebro stamped the song with his *“Discovered on Apple Music”* certification on his Apple Music Beats 1 Playlist.

Since their last project, JAMESDAVIS has allowed love, grief, joy, heartbreak and growth to help shape their new sound and direction. Their latest project, Lamplighter Vol. 1, allows listeners a glimpse into their lives. Leaving behind all the constraints and restrictions of what music is supposed to be and sound like from a band of siblings from Inglewood CA, Lamplighter Vol. 1 is truly a mix of rock, pop and R&B. The storytelling on songs like “Here it Go” draw you in, while the melodies and production will have you singing along for hours. Their genre-bending and niche-yet-universal sound is influenced by music legends such as: Leon Ware, Curtis Mayfield, Tina Turner, Mary J. Blige, and Coldplay to name few.